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Steel Doomsday Bunkers with 150 Year Life Span

Rising Steel Company doomsday shelters
Rising Bunkers Custom Made
Steel Survival Underground Bunkers
 The Rising Steel Company (RSC) makes some of the best steel bunkers, fallout shelters, tornado shelters, safe rooms and oil field shelters on the market. Every shelter is made with 100% steel and can be customized to meet your particular needs and requests. The Rising Bunkers Survival Shelters starts with the 10' x 20' Basic Model and goes up from there to the Luxury Model with a full 1776 square feet of underground security.

The 10' x 20'  RSC Basic Underground Model comes equipped with a Security Door, Double Bunk Beds, NBC Air Filtration System, Sink, Composting Toilet, Food Storage, Water Pressure Pump, Evacuation Tank, LED Lighting and a TV/DVD Combo. All energy needs are generated from a Solar Charging System with battery supply which is also included. All the Bunkers are also sprayed with a special coating that protects the steel exterior with a 150 year guarantee from rust and mildew. This Model Upgraded costs approx. $61,000.00 with includes everything to be self sufficient.

The 10' x 30' Base Underground Model starts at $70,000.00 which gives you 50% more living space which you can further customized your Shelter with several more options. All the furnishings in the Basic Model are also included in the Base Model. There are several other Models of various Survival Shelter's to choose from all the way up to their Luxury Underground Shelter's that come with a Luxury price tag.
The Luxury Underground Survival Shelter's Model is called the Defender. This is a full 1776 square feet of luxury living which will set you back $489,000.00 plus any custom upgrades. This is basically a 5 bedroom House with 2 full bathrooms with many customizations available with this floor plan. it it wasn't for the lack of windows, you'd swear you were in someones house above the ground.
If you have a lot of Family or Friends nearby that may be joining you in a real life changing emergency, then the extra large Luxury Shelter might be what your looking for.

Steel Tornado Underground Shelters

Rising Bunkers tornado Shelter
Portable Above Ground Tornado Shelter and Safe Room
In light of all the Major Tornado Activity in the past few years, these shelters are have been getting a lot of media attention and hopefully people will not forget how important it is they have somewhere safe to go.  Having lived in Tornado Alley for some years and personally seen the destruction of an F-5 first hand, it always has amazed me how many people have no plan at all. It's a proven fact that most houses built today do not even have a basement to at least get partially underground if and when a tornado is in your path. Rising Bunkers makes a variety of Tornado Shelter's that can customize to you spec's. These are not your ordinary short term shelters, but can be outfitted with many of the same features found in the larger survival bunkers. Depending on the size you choose, you can add benches, storage shelves, bunk beds, solar power lighting  and even its own generator.

Standard Prices for the Tornado Shelters:

4 x 8 - (6 people) - $5,400
6 x 8 - (8 people) - $7,400
8 x 8 - (12 people) - $10,400
8 x 10 - (14 people) - $12,900

Oil Field Storm Shelters

Rising Bunkers also makes oil field storm shelter gives workers a safe place during severe storms or tornado's. These shelters are left on the job site during construction and moved to a new location when needed. The Shelters measure 8' x 14' and have a 4' x 4' torque tube going down the center for added strength.
In addition Rising Bunkers also Manufactures Safe Rooms and Panic Rooms built right into your existing structure using exact measurement to insure a custom fit. These safe rooms give your family a safe place to go during a break-in where you can then call for help. They are also used for a tornado or hurricane shelter's for your safety. These shelters are bolted down to the foundation so they can not be over turned or lifted up during strong winds. Your house might get destroyed and blown away, but the Rising Bunkers Safe Room will remain intact with your family inside.
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